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Querido Sanlucar

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Flamencogitarist & -componist Peter Kalb

Guitarist & composer

Experience 40 years of flamenco

After 40 years in business, flamenco guitarist Peter Kalb is finally home. After a literal and figurative journey through traditional flamenco styles, he is full of 'stories' that need to be told. The result is his tenth album homecoming.

An album inspired by the old masters that have been in his heart since childhood. To symbolise the long journey, he left the familiar studio. Alone. He recorded ten songs in Portugal. An old abandoned church with beautiful acoustics has been his home. The practised listener will experience the sound of a bird, bat and crack of the rafters among the enchanting sounds.

While listening, Peter wants homecoming to inspire you to immerse yourself in new cultures during your own life journey.

Outstanding guitar playing, he knows how to bring intensity and depth to his playing

~ El País - Spain's largest daily newspaper


El Periquín ~ 2023

Listen to the fourth track from the brand new album:

In times gone by
  • In times gone by

Would you also like to listen to flamenco guitarist Peter's other songs? Then order the CD now:

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Do you play yourself?

At the moment, Peter and his team are developing a unique training course to show you the secrets of the flamenco guitarist. You are taken on a journey in which you discover which sound you personally like. The way to learn a lot in the shortest possible time and to enjoy playing for years. Always with both feet on the ground and straight from Peter's heart. Don't miss anything and stay up to date now:



Homecoming concert



Homecoming concert



Homecoming concert



Homecoming concert



Homecoming concert


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El Periquín – 2022

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