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Discover the rich world of flamenco guitar through the eyes of Peter Kalb, better known as El Periquín. This year, he takes us back to the origins of his musical journey. This project marks a return to the essence of his musical journey, a reflection on the early years when he discovered the flamenco guitar as a teenager. At the kitchen table, armed with only his flamenco guitar and an indomitable passion, Peter laid the foundation for what would become a lifelong dedication to the flamenco guitar.

Peter’s musical path has been marked by constant evolution and deep emotional expression. His playing style, described as “virtuoso, on the cutting edge, yet emotional” by the Volkskrant, has touched many hearts over the years, both inside and outside the Netherlands. His dedication has led him past packed halls and intimate studios, enchanting audiences with his intense playing. He has shared the stage with Andrés Marín and the Rosenberg Trio, among others.

The appreciation for Peter’s music has been broad-based. El País, Spain’s biggest daily, praised his work as “intense, deep, unadorned.” These words perfectly sum up how, by letting his hands speak, Peter seamlessly blends music and personality. His compositions, ranging from the understated styles such as granaína and tarantas to the lively rumba and bulerías, reflect his ability to tell personal stories through music.

The new project is not only a reflection on Peter’s personal musical journey, but also a chance for fans to experience the essence of flamenco live. In the run-up to the album release, Peter will perform some of the songs that will appear on the new album in his concerts. These performances offer a unique opportunity to witness the evolution of his music up close and hear the stories behind the songs.


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