Peter Kalb

Guitarist & composer

El Periquín is celebrating a joyous milestone this year: 40 years of sharing his love of flamenco on stage. With his intense playing, he has touched many hearts in many countries over the years.

“Virtuoso, on the edge, yet emotional guitar playing” ~ de Volkskrant

As a teenager, Peter fell for the sound of the acoustic guitar. For the timing, swing and rhythm. For decades he deepened his knowledge and skill. The journey took him past packed halls and small studios.

El País – Spain’s largest daily newspaper – wrote of Peter’s music, “Intense, deep, without glitz and glamour.” Peter lets his hands speak. The music and the person are fused into one.

This is reflected more than ever on his first album without accompanying instruments homecoming. From the various traditional flamenco styles Peter has composed beautiful personal stories.

An album with variation from subdued and sensitive styles like soleá, farruca and balada to the cheerful tangos and exuberant bulerias. And don’t forget the traditional zambra with Arabic influence in the song naciemento. Subdued guitar playing with an intimate mysterious hypnotic atmosphere.

“Pleasantly get sucked into a deep world of experience” ~ Maarten Oversier

Welcome to the world of Peter Kalb!

Peter's world

Upcoming concerts

Peter plays this year’s concert homecoming. Listen, for example, to naciemento: traditional zambra with Arabic influence. Don’t miss it!


Soon Peter will give a private concert in Ibiza. He can also make a personal appearance at your gathering or party! Discover the possibilities:

Album Homecoming

Peter’s tenth album homecoming is on sale now. Recorded in an old abandoned church in Portugal. You can listen to a preview now, of course:

Peter's UNIQUE story

This year, Peter celebrates 40 years on stage. His love for flamenco continues to grow. He enjoys sharing the highlights of this special long journey:

Do you also play FLAMENCo Guitar?

Peter is developing a training for the beginner and advanced flamenco guitarist. Get better your way. Be the first to know:

Peter's flamenco journey

Be inspired by highlights from the life of El Periquín

Homecoming ~ tenth album

Above all, listen to this album more often, because this understated, passionate music does not reveal its secrets all at once." ~ Moors Magazine

Listen to the album here



Luz Y Sombra ~ ninth album

"There is a lot of nuance and subtlety hidden in this music, just below the passion and energy. Beautifully beautiful!" ~ Moors Magazine


Oosterbeek, the Netherlands

El Periquín Plays Ennio Morricone ~ eighth album

"A highly tasteful album" ~ Jazzism

"El Periquín has delivered a wonderfully beautiful album with its new arrangements of Morricone's film score" ~ Written in Music


Malaga, Spain


Peter has worked as a teacher at the ArtEZ conservatoire for several years

From 2019

Arnhem, the Netherlands

Flamenco Biënnale (2)

"His subtle play was immediately very nice" ~ Written in Music

YouTube video


Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Mexico tour

El Periquín is touring Mexico. The picture was taken during a meet & greet.



Para Siempre ~ seventh album

"The album is understated, subtle and yet at the same time full and passionate. Het duurt nog geen drie kwartier, maar er zit zoveel in samengebald dat je de neiging hebt om het meteen weer te gaan draaien. Highly recommended!" ~ Moors Magazine

YouTube video


Barcelona, Spain

Flamenco Tribute to Michael Jackson ~ zesde album

"El Periquín shows what he has to offer as a flamenco guitarist and that's a lot!" ~ Written in Music

"Kalb is virtuoso and versatile and he plays a very free interpretation of flamenco that has left a mark on his playing over the years" ~ De Gelderlander


Malaga, Spain

Classical Impressions ~ fifth album

"The album lasts less than half an hour altogether, but the music is so intense, and as you sit and listen you are so overwhelmed by all the subtle details and finesse of the playing and arrangements, that it seems to last much longer. A magnificent gem that reveals some secrets with every spin." ~ Moors Magazine


Malaga, Spain

Flamenco Biënnale (1)

Peter performs under the name Colores with Israel Suárez 'Piraña', Juan José Suárez 'Paquete' & Naike Ponce during the Flamenco Biennale.

YouTube video


Utrecht, the Netherlands

Paco Javier Jimeno

Peter collaborates on Paco Javier Jimeno's CD presentation. They perform at the Flamenco Biennale in Spain, among others.


Malaga, Spain

David Lenker

Peter plays "Historias en dos mundos" together with pianist David Lenker.



Malaga, Spain

La Milana

El Periquín will tour theatres in Georgia with La Milana.




De Madrid Al Cielo ~ fourth album

El Periquín co-produced the album De Madrid Al Cielo with Juan José 'Paquete' Suárez. "Once again, he shows a magnificent sample of his abilities, where virtuosity never gets in the way of the passion and emotion that come with flamenco. Sometimes solid, sometimes extraordinarily subtle, always exciting, always good." ~ Moors Magazine


Madrid, Spain

Elena Andujar

Peter is going on tour with Elena Andujar what they bring, among others, at theatre Drom in New York. He will also give a master class there.


New York, USA

Juanito Pascual, Elena & Antonio Andujar

Peter is on tour with Juanito Pascual, Elena and Antonio Andujar at the invitation of Garrison Keillor.


Portugal, Spain & Morocco

Van Kemenade

Peter collaborates on Van Kemenade's album Close enough. "The style of the first composition on Close enough becomes even more hybrid when flamenco guitarist El Periquín strikes his strings" ~ Het Parool


the Netherlands

The Rosenberg Trio

El Periquín is on tour with The Rosenberg Trio with the concert series Back To Spain.

YouTube video

Or watch the performance of the song Recuerdos here.


the Netherlands

Juanito Pascual, José Moreno & Barbara Martinez

Juanito Pascual and Peter perform together in Boston, Portland and Winchester. El Periquín conducts a master class in Boston and is on stage with Barbara Martinez, Sabrina Aviles and José Moreno. He also performs as an accompanist and soloist at Berkeley College.



Laura Fygi

Peter performs with jazz singer Laura Fygi and orchestra.

YouTube video


Almelo, the Netherlands

Juanito Pascual

Together with American flamenco guitarist Juanito Pascual, Peter performs three concerts in the Netherlands.


the Netherlands

Diálogos ~ derde album

The album Diálogos features contributions from bassist Carles Benavent (Paco de Lucía), American harmonica player Tollak Ollestad and percussionist Martin Verdonk, among others. On the record, El Periquín mixes flamenco with jazz, classical and Latin American music. "It's not down to the line-up." ~ Jazzenzo


the Netherlands

Adriana Romijn

El Periquín makes the guitar arrangements for Adriana Romijn's song On A Wing On A Prayer, with which she reaches the final at the 2004 National Song Contest.


the Netherlands

Bajo El Cielo ~ tweede album

Peter has plans for a second album and visits Joan Albert Amargós to exchange ideas. This results in a collaboration for which Amargós provides four songs. The second album Bajo El Cielo is released by Munich and sells worldwide. Several top musicians from home and abroad collaborate on this album.


the Netherlands

En Un Momento Dado

Together with film composer Loek Dikker, El Periquín is working on the music for En Un Momento Dado, a documentary about Johan Cruijff.


the Netherlands

Rafael Cañizares

Peter visits Rafael Cañizares several times, which are very inspiring experiences for him. He receives two grants: the Performing Arts Fund and the Prince Bernard Culture Fund.


Barcelona, Spain

Gypsy Proms

With the Gypsy Proms, Peter has been performing for years, performing the well-known Concierto de Aranjuez in all major theatres in the Netherlands.

From 1999

The Netherlands

Joan Albert Amargós

El Periquín participates in a performance with the Nieuw Ensemble conducted by Ed Spanjaard at the Concertgebouw. Joan Albert Amargós is arranging two songs by El Periquín for this occasion: 2 Escenas Flamencas. Amargós has worked with Paco de Lucia, Camerón de la Isla and Vicente Amigo, among others.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Sonakay ~ eerste album

El Periquín's first CD Sonakay is released, followed by a tour in the Netherlands. The album is also sold in Spain, a first for a Dutch flamenco guitarist. Sonakay receives rave reviews there, including in the authoritative daily El País: "Outstanding guitar playing, he knows how to bring intensity and depth to his playing".


the Netherlands & Spain

Flamenco Meets Jazz

El Periquín forms a duo Flamenco Meets Jazz with pianist Amina Figarova.

From 1997

the Netherlands

El Periquín Y Grupo

Peter starts his own group El Periquín Y Grupo. In varying line-ups, they tour theatres in the Netherlands, Germany & Luxembourg for decades. They also perform, for instance, at open-air concerts in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam and at Lowlands.

From 1997

the Netherlands

Andrés Marín

In Seville, Peter meets top dancer Andrés Marín (winner of the 2022 Spanish National Dance Award). This is the beginning of a long-term collaboration, during which they tour the Netherlands, Finland & Russia three times. Peter also supervises Marín's workshops for ten years.

From 1994

Sevilla, the Netherlands, Finland & Russia

Amor de Dios

El Periquín coaches classes at the world's best flamenco dance school Amor de Dios and works with El Ciro, Carmen Cortez, Belén Fernández and Joaquín Ruíz, among others. He regularly performs, takes classes and accompanies students.

From 1991

Madrid, Spain

Garcia Lorca

El Periquín makes the arrangements for a flamenco theatre production about Garcia Lorca. With this production, in which he is first guitarist, he tours for three months. The production was awarded the Hans Snoek Prize for best youth theatre production.


the Netherlands & Belgium

Juan Antonio

At the ArtEZ Conservatory, Peter accompanies Juan Antonio's dance classes together with Gerard Postma. Together, they also perform regularly.

From 1990

Arnhem, the Netherlands

Manolo Sanlúcar

Peter takes lessons from his great role model Manolo Sanlúcar.

YouTube video


Jerez de la Frontera

El Ciro, Joaquín Ruíz & Juan Fernandez

Peter supervises dance workshops by renowned Spanish artists such as El Ciro, Joaquín Ruíz and Juan Fernandez.

From 1985

The Netherlands

Chispa Flamenca, Flamenco Puro and Juan Antonio & Josien Locher

El Periquín is regularly asked to perform with various flamenco groups, including Chispa Flamenca, Flamenco Puro and Juan Antonio and Josien Locher.

From 1985

the Netherlands

Paco Peña

At seventeen, Peter is the youngest student accepted by Rotterdam Conservatoire. He takes lessons from Paco Peña.

From 1985

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Peter Kalb

From the age of 15, Peter started regular flamenco performances at street festivals, among others.

From 1983

The Netherlands


El Periquín ~ 2023

Luz Y Sombra

El Periquín ~ 2021

El Periquín plays Ennio Morricone

El Periquín ~ 2020

Outstanding guitar playing, he knows how to bring intensity and depth to his playing

~ El País – Spain’s largest daily newspaper


For up to 40 years of your life, you had the pleasure of flamenco guitarist and composer Peter Kalb. His love of flamenco continues to grow. He loves to share it. Be the first to know and sign up:

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