Stories BEHIND my tracks

The song is named after the Guadalquivir, a beautiful river that flows through Seville. In the mid-1990s I lived in Triana, a lively neighborhood sandwiched between the river and the old town.

During the day, I worked intensively with Andrés Marín, the well-known innovative and contemporary flamenco dancer. We prepared his programs together and I supervised his classes. After our intensive sessions, I often sought the quiet of the river, especially when the heat of the city had subsided a bit, to go fishing by the waterfront.

The soothing sound of the babbling river and the serene surroundings put my mind to work. Of all the ideas that bubbled up during the day in the studio, I turned some into my own compositions. This song I composed in the style colombianas that had nothing to do with what I was doing in the studio during the day. It was wonderful, in the midst of all the inspiration and ideas that arose during my working days with Andrés, to create something completely different.

I later recorded the song in the Netherlands, together with a bassist and a percussionist. It is a musical reminder of a special time in my life, full of creativity and beauty.

Listen to the song El Guadalquivir here.

Sometimes you get lucky

“Nacimiento” is the name of my most streamed song on Spotify. It is also one of my personal favourites.

A few years ago, I moved from Estepona to Malaga. In search of new adventures. Before reaching my destination, I spent a few days in beautiful Granada. While visiting the Alhambra, I was inspired by the Moorish influences around me.

Inevitably, I composed “Nacimiento”. For this song, I chose the matching zambra style. It was a challenge, as I had never composed in that style before. But it immediately felt right, and I knew I was creating something special. I surprised myself by completing the composition in one day. But know: that was the big exception. Normally, it’s rock hard work. And I love it.

I invite you to listen (again) to “Nacimiento” on Spotify. It is on the 2018 album Para Siempre. Let me know how this song touches you and in what way it inspires you. Your feedback means a lot to me.

Outstanding guitar playing, he knows how to bring intensity and depth to his playing

~ El País – Spain’s largest daily newspaper


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