Dancing around the Sun

The grand and wild canyon landscape lay peaceful. Mother Earth listened, and Father Sky watched White-tailed Deer and American Antelope. Stately and gracefully they moved in the warm radiant sunlight.

Sometimes I put the flamenco guitar aside for a while. And this time with a very good reason. Because I wrote the above sentences with a lot of love.

And I wrote on. Together with my friend Cathrin. They have become a series of short stories. Original, possibly absurd, but full of fantasy and a beautiful message.

Stories based on authentic animal stories from the indigenous people of North America. Where animals are seen as guides, protectors or messengers.

As a toddler, I was already fascinated by the lifeworld of Native Americans. I loved nothing more than drawing their outfits and horses. My teacher very adorably gave me a 10.5 for it on my report card.

Years later, during three concert series in America, I was able to experience my fascination for myself. I made time to meet Native Americans and travel around their habitats.

During that time, I also started reading many animal stories from their culture. All this inspiration led, among other things, to my song ‘Running with Wolves,’ a song I dedicated to Maarten Oversier, by the way.

Cathrin travelled with me each time and made many sketches. She patiently developed these into beautiful illustrations to go with the stories we included in the book.

Yes indeed, it has become a book!

The title is ‘Dansend om de zon’ (only Dutch at the moment) and it has been published by the team of Paris Books.

The book is on sale now via my website or at any Dutch bookstore near you.

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