The tribute to my mother

The only kept box from my childhood was full of my drawings. A few years back, I was leafing through it for the first time. Suddenly ...

Something caught my eye that didn’t belong among them. A card my mother had sent to my grandfather. I still don’t understand why my mother had kept the card and put it among my things. I can no longer ask her myself. To me, it feels like she wanted to pass on a piece of her history to me.

The card was slightly faded, but judging from the stamp, it must have been in the year 1941. She was 12 or 13 years old at the time. My grandparents had a butcher’s shop, but found themselves in dire circumstances during the war years, so they could not properly care for my mother. The card had been sent from a home for malnourished children, known as bleachers, in Friesland.

Recently, I decided to visit the home itself. I got no further than looking at the villa from the street. A hotel owner from the street told me that the lady currently living there was definitely not fond of receiving visitors. Despite my disappointment, I found that a new song came to mind. A reflection on my mother’s time during the war years.

Each time, I am amazed that music is a wonderful way to express emotions. Especially when it is difficult to express them in words. The song I composed is called ‘Post for my Grandfather’ and can be found on my latest album ‘Homecoming’. Every time I play the song, I feel a strong connection with my mother. A piece of her history has made me understand better now in hindsight why she was the way she was.

You can soon hear the tribute to my mother and all the people who endured tough circumstances in their lives live at my concert series Homecoming. For dates and booking, click here.

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