Emotions on and around the stage

Every concert releases emotions. Recently, I asked concertgoers via Instagram to put them into words. I share two here: ‘I felt a tremendous peace and warmth descend upon me’ and ‘I felt connection with myself and with the miracle of life’.

Dancing around the Sun

The grand and wild canyon landscape lay peaceful. Mother Earth listened, and Father Sky watched White-tailed Deer and American Antelope. Stately and gracefully they moved in the warm radiant sunlight.

The tribute to my mother

The only kept box from my childhood was full of my drawings. A few years back, I was leafing through it for the first time. Suddenly …

Why I travelled to Spain 34 years ago

In the late 1980s, I travelled by train to Jerez de la Frontera in the deep south of Spain. They were not happy about that at the conservatoire where I studied. Indeed, one of their students cancelled an appearance on national television….